Meet Brittany + Eli


 Mod Square Designer, Brittany Remington

Hello there

I'm Brittany, the designer behind Mod Square.  Most days you can find me in a comfy pair of jeans and slippers while playing around the house with our little girl.  I was born and raised in a tiny town in Northeast Ohio, but I'm determined to move somewhere warmer soon!  I am married to an incredible, handsome, and supportive man who always pushes me to follow my dreams.  He is who encouraged my to start my photography business (check that out here), then to launch MSD together and I've been living on a creative high ever since.

Being a wife and mother are my top priorities in life.  When I'm not designing or taking photos, we are all three probably coloring and playing peek-a-boo on the living room floor.  Being a photographer, I am inspired by genuine connection.  I love getting to know the faces behind the websites I create.  We will work together to design a clean, professional website that you and your clients will love.


My Better Half