9 Reasons Why You Should Use Squarespace

Thanks to living in an ever modernizing world, you have many options when it comes to choosing a website platform for your business.  In our opinion, Squarespace exceeds its competitors in every category.  There are so many benefits that Squarespace offers to entrepreneurs.  We love it so much that it is the only platform we work with for ourselves and our clients.  Rather than making lists and charts comparing the "top" platforms out there, here are nine reasons that we love Squarespace and why you should too.

 9 Reasons Why You Should Use Squarespace by Mod Square Design

1 | All-Inclusive

Squarespace takes care of your domain, hosting, and even your professional email (i.e. hello@modsquare.io) depending on the plan you choose.  There's no need to scroll the web for themes or plugins because they have templates included.  Moreover, they are not boring, generic ones you'd expect from the Wordpress's "freebie" template bin.  They are gorgeous, seamless, and look fantastic from the start.

2 | User-Friendly

Squarespace is by far the easiest platform to use, even for those not technologically savvy.  They use Squarespace's LayoutEngine and Content Block system allowing you to simply drag-and-drop your content where you want it on a single page.  More importantly, the menu is easy to navigate.  You can go straight to your pages, design, settings, or help in just one click.

It is also so easy for you to integrate your social media accounts to your site.  For example, if you want your most recent Instagram posts automatically uploaded to the bottom of your homepage, just connect your account in settings and insert the Instagram block.  Easy peasy!


 Squarespace social block for Instagram - Mod Square Design

3 | Aesthetics

You honestly have to work hard to make your Squarespace site look bad.  As long as you have readable fonts and a cohesive color palette, you cannot go wrong.  I can almost immediately tell upon opening a site whether it is on Squarespace or not.  The world-class designers at Squarespace have crafted every template with the latest techniques and modern devices in mind.


Squarespace templates are mobile-responsive out of the box.  No matter what text blocks, images or sections you add to your content, Squarespace displays them correctly on every device.  They even give you the option to see how your website looks on a desktop, tablet or smartphone right from your dashboard.

5 | Affordable

A Squarespace site will start at only $12/month (billed annually) which is incredibly affordable based on the high-quality setup.  That even includes their 24/7 customer support.  A typical hosting account may limit you regarding the server specs, bandwidth, and data usage.  However, Squarespace can handle large fluctuations in traffic without any issues.

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6 | SEO Efficient

Squarespace's SEO capabilities are at the very top of the list when compared to other managed website content management platforms.  The sites are developed with clean code, using modern HTML and CSS.  The administrative panel in Squarespace provides you with editable fields for all of the critical areas for optimizing a web page, including the page title, meta description, heading tags, image ALT tags, full control over the URL and more.  Squarespace automatically creates a sitemap file so that you can connect it to your Google Search Console account.  Even linking your site to Google Analytics is a quick 30-second job. 

7 | Blogging

Unlike many website platforms, your blog is included in your Squarespace site.  You do not need to install any plugins or additional features to utilize their full featured blogging platform.  The templates come with the blog already designed.  You can add categories and tags to any post.  If you wish, your visitors can also participate in the discussion by adding comments to any post.  Specify authors, schedule posts, customize URLs, enter custom thumbnail images, automated social posting and more.

8 | E-Commerce

Commerce can be tricky at best, especially on many free and cheap website platforms.  You can add Squarespace Commerce onto any plan.  The plan you choose determines the number of products you can sell and the processing fees.  The templates are already optimized and designed for commerce, so you do not need to tweak an add-on to match your branding.  Selling digital products?  No problem!

9 | Incredible Support

Honestly, this could be the best feature of them all.  Unless you possess web server and programming skills, it can be difficult to at best to figure what is causing issues when WordPress goes bad.  All Squarespace accounts come with 24/7 email support and exceptional live chat support.  Our experience has been nothing short of phenomenal.  



Do you use Squarespace?  What is your favorite feature?  Feel free to link your Squarespace sites in the comments below so we can all see a diverse array of beautiful designs!


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