Start rough, finish strong.

Our Process

01. Homework

After you've signed the contract and made your first payment, we'll send you our comprehensive questionnaire so we can get to know you and your business!  We love this step because it let's us make sure we are a perfect fit!  We'll send all this over as soon as you book so that you have time to thoroughly think about your responses before your start date.  We'll have you put together a secret Pinterest board so we can see the colors, shapes, and images that appeal to you most.

02. Build

Now for the fun part!  I (Brittany) will begin putting together your inspiration board on which all the design elements will be built from.  I'll also start working on your three logo concepts–all while taking the questionnaire, Pinterest board, and any other discussions we've had into consideration.  You will have two opportunities for revisions to make sure your logo is absolutely perfect!  Once those are complete, your selected marketing materials + brand board will be compiled–containing your logo variations, color palette, and typography suggestions.

03. Launch

All your work and patience is about to pay off...we're ready to go live!  Eli will have optimized your images, alt text, and page descriptions to be SEO-friendly, giving you a head start with Google.  We will send all your final files over to you and show off your shiny, new brand off on our Instagram and blog!  Now you're ready to begin marketing with a clear vision and begin reaching the right clientele for your brand.  We can't wait to watch your business thrive and become more profitable than ever!

Are you ready to get started on your own project?  Contact us and let's discuss your vision!