How To Remove Your Built-in Squarespace Domain From Google Search Results

I made a mistake.

I was so excited about our new Squarespace website that I let my guard down.  I assumed Google wouldn't care.  I was wrong, and I should have known better.  

Here's the back story.

In addition to working with my wife on ModSquare Design, I am a marketing manager at a local custom software development company.  

We were redesigning one of our websites in Squarespace for the first time. 

Over the course of two months, I worked with our sales team to polish and refine the site.  We edited and tweaked the images and copy until we were happy.  Euphoric in fact!  

And then we went LIVE!

9 Reasons Why You Should Use Squarespace

Thanks to living in an ever modernizing world, you have many options when it comes to choosing a website platform for your business.  In our opinion, Squarespace exceeds its competitors in every category.  There are so many benefits that Squarespace offers to entrepreneurs.  We love it so much that it is the only platform we work with for ourselves and our clients.  Rather than making lists and charts comparing the "top" platforms out there, here are nine reasons that we love Squarespace and why you should too.